Engine Change

The reason engine swap is because those motors are cheap, plentiful, and durable. If you are in the unfortunate situation of having with a failed engine, you might want to look into an engine change

Changing Engine Tips:

Every engine and transmission must be held in place using a series of brackets and mounts. Aftermarket motor pieces pick up where the factory left off, allowing some non-native engines to bolt into just about any car models. A car's original axles or driveshaft will rarely fit post engine swap. If aftermarket versions aren't available, careful measurements must be taken from the transaxle to the hubs to determine the appropriate length axles.

Labor Cost For Engine Swap

Labor cost depends if you want a DIY job it will be the price of the engine depending on engine size and optional parts.

Extra cost for engine change :

The quote that a mechanic will give you for the installation includes removing the old engine and installing the new engine. Like fuel pump installation, and other various aftermarket features could add up to another $500 easily.